Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mouse warrior

I just finished reading the Yarn Harlot's post. (www.yarnharlot.ca) She has inspired me. I was going to downplay my new skill. I can't do that now. I have to look at it with pride.
Okay, so a little background knowledge is required. I have three cats. I didn't set out to have three cats. ...but I have three cats. Or more to the point they have me. They joined our family as adults and so Hubby and I have adapted to our "pride".
Joey, Sammy, and Ticky have added much joy to our lives. Usually but not always it is a pleasure living with them.
One of the unpleasant habits Hubby and I have had to get use to is the hunt. All three cats take pride in their ability to hunt. Occasionally they attempt to engage Hubby and I in their sport. They bring in half-dead or alive mice so that Hubby and I can practice. Being a vegetarian, animal-lover, I have repeatedly attempted to convey my displeasure. All attempts have fallen on deaf ears.
I am horrified by the fun the cats take in batting the mouse around until it is snack time. I have repeatedly intervened. So much so that the cats now think that this is fun for me. So they catch the mouse and release it in the house. I swear I can hear them say, "Okay Leanne it's your turn."
What to do now? The only one more horrified by this game is the poor little mouse. Let me tell you it is not easy to catch a terrified mouse. Even one who is half dead will fight valiantly for freedom.
I have tried many methods. I have a pair of garden gloves that have now become my mouse catching gloves. Occasionally I am successful mostly I must wait to find the corpse.
Enter my new skill.
Last night Ticky brought in a mouse. He announced his success with that victorious meow he uses for such things. Then like lightening it hit me. I thought of the live trapping of animals I have watched on TV. "They always use large nets." I said to myself.
I have a bath towel that has become the cats'. When they come in wet I use the towel before they decided to jump on my lap.
I grabbed said towel and threw it on little mousie. I picked up the towel along with the mouse and ushered him outside. It really was that easy.
I speak my new name with pride, "Leanne mouse warrior".


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