Saturday, October 21, 2006

odd pieces of yarn

Are you a footie fan? Last night Hubby and I watched the last game of the year. The Swans vs. the Eagles. What a game. No, I'm not normally a sports fan. ...but what a game.
Someone is outside banging. They have chosen 9:25 am on a Saturday to start hammering. Okay, I'm awake but I know some people who aren't. I vote the hammer off the island.
Yes, I am watching Survivor. Is there any doubt. Yul will win. I'm a big fan.
Our local art council has a meeting today at 4 pm.
Tonight is movie night, so saith Hubby. He has invited friends over to watch Prince Bride. We have been fans of this movie since 1992. Beware the six finger man. Whether we actually watch this movie or some other it will be a fun evening. Nothing is better than getting together with friends.


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