Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thank you

Okay, so just where have I been all day?
Today is a glorious autumn day on the sunny isle of Mayne.
We have company.
Hubby is playing tour guide.
Where am I?
I am sick. It's not fair. I hate being sick. Knowing bed rest cures all, I have confined myself to my comfy jail. Too weak to deal with the day, I waste it.
I am wallowing in self pity. Why did this have to happen to me? It's not fair! I would like to spend time with friends. I want to tour the island. ...but, oh, no! Even my cats have deserved it.
Some Thanksgiving week-end.
What have I to be thankful for
Okay, Leanne, shake your head:
You are usually well. Your health has very rarely been a concern.
You have friends and family whose company you can enjoy another day.
You have a blog to write. Like knitting , writing has always brought me joy.
Grasp on to: All will be better tomorrow.


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