Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A wee visitor

Sorry this is not a post for the fate of heart.
Living by the sea, across from a farm has it's challenges.
Hubby and I have been living here for seven years without having to adjust our lives for one of the smallest of these challenges.
It may help that we have three cats.
Those of you who have lived or are living in a rural area may have guessed at what I am referring to...mice.
Actually our challenge is mouse. ...but believe me one is enough.
This mouse found haven: our pantry. He made a cozy nest under our oven. He feasted on all bagged food. His sharp little teeth were well equipped to cut through the flimsy plastic bags.
I was horrified. How could this happen?
Hubby was angry. He said he didn't wish to buy anymore mouse food. That said he set out to terminate our wee visitor's life.
So far the mouse has evaded Hubby.
I have responded to this invasion by throwing out all bagged food and putting new bagged food in plastic containers.
Mouse-proofing may be a myth. ...but I am hoping it isn't.


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