Friday, November 17, 2006

It keeps you humble

Okay, so, the Christmas Craft show is 23 short days away. I want to complete some feats of knitting before then and now. I want to:
-knit an Islandia
-knit two Santa hats
-finish my new design for a shawl
-publish Maynely True
-finish a design I will be submitting to a knitting magazine.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I thought it was unmanageable. I thought I was a little deluded.

Then I read the Yarn Harlot (Nov. 16th). She plans to knit a sock a day. She justified her plan by quoting some history. Go read her post( and I'll wait here.

I know, our knitting ancestor's were amazing. We should be proud. I am humble. My plans pale in contrast. I just hope I do their memory proud and complete my tiny little tasks.


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