Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stop me before I write again

Not too long ago I acquired the minimalist ideology. My acquisition of this ideology was a reaction against our society of excess.

I did not have a stash of yarn in which to draw. I bought yarn as I required it.

Sadly, this experiment all but failed. I now have more yarn than I could ever use in one lifetime. And I just donated a large bin to the Mayne Island knitting group.

The only place minimalism stuck was in my writing. I write two-page, one-page, and six word stories.

This was not always the case. It is driven by many dead lengthy stories. The stories themselves are largely forgotten what remains is the feeling of frustration at failure. I had failed to finish. A story with no ending is a waste. The writer is left questioning why they began.

My short stories allow me to produce words that will live in the mind of readers. Nothing pleases me more than knowing that a reader has read what I have written. In fact, it pleases me so much it seems I can't help but write. Resting in the hands of my printer (Alea design & print) is my latest book. A book of approximately twenty-eight pages, Maynely True is a seeking for truth. You know the big questions:
-does God exist?
-will world peace be realized?
-is there an universal truth?
-who ate the last peanut butter cookie?
Yes, well this book does not answer any of these.

More on Maynely True in future posts.


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