Sunday, December 03, 2006


I have had my fair share of odd dreams. However, I have never dreamt of footwear...before. Not sure why I did last night. To my knowledge, I have not been dwelling on footwear. To my knowledge, footwear has not even entered my consciousness. Yet last night I had the most vivid dream. I found a pair of boots. They were not your everyday pair of boots. They had solid sides and stack heels but the centre oh the centre was like laced leather. And get this they were open toe. In my dream, I thought they were beautiful. Awake I think they are gody. You would have to have just the right type of socks to wear with them. They would be ideal socks for sock knitters I suppose. Although they are not practical...they certainly would not keep you warm.
"These boots were made for walking"...not.


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