Friday, December 01, 2006

Forced upon me

Sunday, November 26th: "Living off the grid." It's one thing if it is your chosen lifestyle yet another if you have it forced upon you. Currently Hubby and I are having it forced upon us. A large dump of snow has fallen on our tiny island. We usually do receive some snow around Christmas. We do not receive this much, this early. We are not equipped for it. Our connection with the outside world is fragile at the best of time. The snow effectively cut all connection.

After enjoying Sunday's line up of good TV, I was just settling down for bed. I have been reading A Complicated Kindness. (I am finding the negativity and the lack of quotation marks a little annoying. It is an interesting read, however.) I read a little then all was dark.

The first thing I do is reach over and flick the light switch. Then I notice that the hall light is out as well. (I leave the hall light on to aide Hubby's maneuvers.) "The electricity must be out." I reason. So I close my eyes and go to sleep. A couple of minutes later I'm just beginning to drift off when Hubby shines a light on my face.
"You're asleep?"
"Almost, why what happened?"
"The lights are out."
"I know."

More on this gripping saga to follow (including a soup recipe).


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