Thursday, December 28, 2006

The magic carpet

Before my editor sees it I would like to share this with you.

"Come for a ride on my magic carpet." My cousin said to me.
"And we will travel far away and distant lands we'll see
We will fly over teal-coloured seas
We will see tall snow-capped mountains
We will find wondrous treasures.
All will be yours
if you will only travel with me."

"That's not a magic carpet! It's only an old rug." I declared.

"Ah, yes, if you see with your eyes. But you must look with your heart."

Suddenly, before my very eyes the rug underwent a mystical transformation and became a magic carpet. I gleefully jumped on, determined to go for a ride. Immediately it leapt into action. It rose higher and still higher breaking through the living room ceiling. And still it rose higher sailing into the blue sky of our tiny little town. Still it didn't stop. It rose higher. The sun shone on my face. The wind whipped through my hair. My eyes filled with delights. My mind reeled with possibilities.

Oh, what a gift my cousin gave to me that day.

Copyright Leanne Dyck, 2006


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