Monday, January 08, 2007

Good reads

Finished On the other side of the bridge left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. I was a well pleased reader. The book was an exploration of opposites.
It left me wanting more. And so on Sunday I walked on over to our local bookstore: Miner's Bay Books. Selection...oh it boggles the mind. I had a few titles in mind -
The birthing house
and a home-grown (Mayne Island) author
Grant Buday's new book Rootbound
Jennifer, the store owner, couldn't have been more helpful. She really knows her books.
I decided on Sally Ireland's (another Mayne Island author) book Fox's Nose
Oh, what a book. Your eye drinks in the prose. I am on chapter two - which is speed reading for me.
I will, no doubt, be back to Miner's Bay Books for more. This time I will bring a larger purse and more money.


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