Saturday, January 13, 2007

Walking on snow

Walking on snow is not the same thing as walking on sunshine...unfortunately.
We live on a hill. So the very act of leaving the house can be a dangerous thing.
The best thing to do is walk on the snow. You would think that a nice bald spot of road would be ideal to walk on. Not so. You see that is exactly where the ice lays. It may seem clear and yet one step will send you coasting down the road on your bum. Ooow!
Thankfully we have a deer fence (a wire fence about eight feet tall erected to prevent deer eating the lawn). And so I grab the fence and proceed down (and up) hand over and hand.
The best piece of advice is to stay inside. When you must leave: walk on the snow. When you run out of snow look for another means of support.
My kingdom for a ski pole. : )


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