Wednesday, January 10, 2007


yield yuck

There is a flu bug currulating on the island. It's amazing to me that something so small can make even the largest man fall.

And me, I'm simply a fragile female. : ) My throat is sore. Everytime I move I get a head rush. I am so so very tired. All together now, "Poor Leanne!" I am sure I will survive.

I am nervous about one thing. Hubby went off island this morning. He commutes every Monday and Wednesday. Leaving me all alone. No one to care for my sick self. He does such a good job of caring for my sick self.
"So what's the big deal. It's only one day." I hear you say.
Well, yes but the last time it snowed the power was cut for four days. We had to resort to melting snow for drinking water. Our only source of heat was the wood stove. I do have tons of home-made soup stored in the fridge. And currently have my fingers crossed hoping for the best. Which is making it very hard to type.

The sun is currently shining making me believe that the worst could be over. I haven't seen or heard the ferry for a while. So still not sure if Hubby will be home. I did make chill. So my tummy will be full regardless of what happens with the weather. The news says that we will have wind storms tonight. Although, currently it is hard to believe that this is possible. Not even a gentle breeze blows. It is cold or more to the point chilly so the snow is not melting. So the island remains trapped in a blanket of white.


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