Saturday, March 17, 2007

Celebrate Saint Patrick's day...

Like Magic
A crisp, cool, sunny, early spring day: perfect for enjoying the day care playground. We are outside swinging into the cloudless blue sky. All the children are now gone, all but one. Allison is left, waiting for her mom.
“Do you believe in leprechauns?” It is St. Patrick’s Day and we have been discovering all things Irish: jigs, shamrocks, and leprechauns.
“Oh, yes, of course. I have a leprechaun friend.”
“Really?” Her eyes widen. “What’s his name?”
“King Michael. He’s the king of the leprechauns.”
“What does he look like?”
“Well, he always dresses in green, he has a long white beard, black leather boots, and he’s very, very small.” I measure his height with my thumb and forefinger--about four inches.
I shake my head in affirmation.
“You know sometimes he plays tricks on me.”
“What kind of tricks?”
“He’s so silly. He hides things on me.” She giggles and I continue. “I set something down and then puff! Like magic, it’s gone.”
“Do you ever find it again?”
“What does he like to eat?”
“All things green---cucumbers, broccoli, peas, green beans.”
“Hey, I like peas.”
“Maybe you’re a leprechaun.”
“No.” She laughs. “What else does he like to do?”
“He sits on my shoulder and tells me tall tales.”
“What about?”
“About his long journeys. And about his pot of gold.”
“He has a pot of gold?”
“Oh, yes, all leprechauns do.”
“I’d like to meet a leprechaun.”
“Someday you just may. Hey, who’s this?” I ask as her mom comes through the gate.
“Mom!” Allison shrieks.
Her joy at seeing her mom is irrepressible. She bounces into her mom’s arms. Then like magic Allison is gone.

Quote from the soon to be released book Short on Paper © Leanne Dyck, March 07


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