Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Many ways to write your name

If you have a name like mine you are subjected to the apparent unending creativity of people. How exactly do you spell
I have always embraced creativity. Adding insight, beauty, inspiration to the world is one of the virues. Yet our society seems to want to but up roadblocks.
I recently heard an interview when someone in the publishing business said with a certain glee,

"It is very hard for a new author to be published?"
Why glee?
I have no idea.
Thankfully artists are well armed to deal with roadblocks. We simply use our creativity. Today there are many venues open for the new author. We need not wait at the traditional roadblock for someone kind to notice us.
We can create audio books.
We can write blogs.
We can start our own newsletters.
We can publish ebooks.
What's an ebook?
A friend recently gave this talk
Write on!


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