Saturday, April 21, 2007

Want to play a game?

Ticky's personal hell continues. He paces the floor and repeatedly requests, "Please let me OUTSIDE!!" Soon Ticky soon.

I have been an armchair traveller for many years. Sure I have been to every province in Canada and I have even dipped down into the States. ...but I have never been outside North America. How I long to go outside North America.
Then I learnt that, due to recent world events, I would need a passport to leave Canada. And so I planned a summer holiday in Manitoba. It would have been fun too: attending the Winnipeg Folk Festival (no better folk festival exists) as well as visiting with family and friends. Yes, Manitoba looks good.
Then to my surprise an opportunity presented itself.
To take advantage of the opportunity I needed a passport. Time was this would have been relatively easy. Simply go to the Passport Canada office nearest you. However, lately...well lately...lately things have changed. I was warned that I would have to be patient. So one Friday I waited. I waited for three hours and then was sent away empty handed. I didn't give up. I planned to try again the following Friday. I took the earliest ferry I could. I arrived around 9 am. Already there was a long line up of passport seekers. I went to the very back of the line. No one was behind me. I was prepared I had "Fox's Nose" and of course my knitting. Others were even more prepared than I. They had brought lawn chairs and coffee. As I waited more people joined the line. We waited and slowly ever so slowly crawled towards our final destination. I began to feel irritated. I knew I would have to do something more stimulating in order to make it through. So I introduced myself to others in the line. The line jelled. We got to know each other. Its amazing how much you learn about people when you spend the entire day with them. Six (SIX) hours later I finally made it to the office. That of course was not the end of the line up. No the line up outside lead to the line ups inside. There seemed to be no end to the maze. I filled out form after form. The forms were then examined and re-examined. Finally I was informed that I would be receiving my passport around the end of April. Was this a guarantee? What if, for some unknown reason, I couldn't obtain a passport. I would be stranded in Canada. Never to travel outside. Not even to the United States.
Relax...breathe...remember Manitoba.
Then yesterday to my surprised I received a note in the mail advising that I had an Express Post Letter waiting for me at the Post Office. Maybe just maybe it was my passport?
So I jumped on my electric bike. At the Post Office I was told that it was my lucky day. Yes, I have a....

The question is: What country am I planning to visit?
Tomorrow I will eliminate one possible country.
Each Saturday I will provide another clue.
Each Sunday I will eliminate one country.
I hope you enjoy our guessing game.


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