Sunday, May 13, 2007


It has been my pleasure to be mothered by a variety of people and even a German Shepherd dog. Sam came into my life when I was two years of age. We immediately fell in love. Sam had two litters of puppies but I like to think I was her favourite.

Here's an anecdote from my angelic youth. I spent much of my youth outside. I knew no better place to be. And besides that's where my dog Sam spent her time. If it was good enough for Sam it was good enough for me. It was extremely hard for Mom to corner me inside. So mom was outside attempting to wash my hair. I had other ideas. I was racing around--refusing to listen. When mom finally did corner me, she attempted to discipline me. She swung her hand back and to her surprise Sam caught hold. Sam's teeth did not sink into Mom's hand but the message was clear, "No one was going to discipline her puppy."From then on, Mom always washed my hair inside and Sam remained an outside dog.

German Shepherd dogs (
Oldenburg Horse (
...but, unfortunately I will not be visiting Germany.

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