Monday, May 07, 2007

Hey, I do that.

When you engage in something new you are not always aware of...well even what to call it. This last Friday, during an off-island visit, I bought the May, 2007 issue of The Writer. Flipping through the magazine I found an article called: Turn a collection of stories into a novel by Barbara Haines Howett. In the article I discovered that my audio book Novelty Yarn is following a current trend. The trend is the comeback of the short story in novel form. These new creations go by many names: linked stories, novels told in stories, interrelated stories, story series. The article goes on describe how such a novel can be organized. Suggestions include: character, place, family, central event, theme and object. My "novel" Novelty Yarn is a series of interlocking stories locked together by the object (hobby) of knitting. The article concludes by Haines Howett describing how she wrote her novel. It's an informative article. I would highly recommend you read it. Find The Writer at your local bookstore or visit
I do not work for The Writer nor do I know anyone who does. I simply have found a fine resource and want to share it.


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