Wednesday, May 16, 2007

little pieces of paper

My current writing goal is to write a novel.
How do I manage this?
When the Muse moves me, I grab note paper and have at it. I just write and don't edit. Free association. I don't worry where the pieces will fit. I could be working on the middle. The end. Or the beginning. It matters not. I just write. Then I deposit these little pieces of paper in a file.
It's like cutting fabric pieces for a quilt.
Someday I will assemble the quilt. It could be weeks, months, years from now.
This brings me to a problem.
When I set out on this trip I made a mental note that I would only use one piece of paper per jot. I would not exceed one piece of paper per jot.
Well, I didn't follow my advice.
Now I am concerned. How will I know which page 1 goes with which page 2?
I wanted to keep this process as easy as possible.
Namely because I don't know when the Muse will call. Last night she visited at midnight.
But some day, in some way, I'm going to have to fasten the correct page 1 to the correct page 2. Sooner is much better than later.
Pass the stapler.


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