Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I have waited patiently. I have waited impatiently. I have whispered my longing. I have reminded. All to no avail.
Hubby has the picture of me giving the speech. It is on his camera/phone (a gadget that still makes me snicker). Yet he will not email it to me.
All of this is making me wonder. What is trying to hide? What will I see when I look at the picture. I see myself often when I look in the mirror. Has he captured an imagine of me that will boggle me? Has he captured my essence? I wonder. And it's not good to cause a person with an over-active imagination to wonder.

Anyway, I did promise to share what I learned on that "cool" community day. And so in particular order:
-that we must act know
-that my electric bike is more than cute...and today a friend shared the news that me on my electric bike was ahead of a popularity trend.

-that solar energy is worth investing in.
-that we (the global we) need to share more
-that we (the global we) need to buy less
-and that a 100 mile diet is ever so yummy.


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