Thursday, July 12, 2007

Electric bike

I enjoy my electric bike. It gives me freedom. Freedom to go where I want - when I want (on the island). It is prefect for short commutes: which means anywhere on Mayne Island (as the island is tiny). This freedom comes with no guilt. My bike creates no emissions. So I cause no damage to my environment as I drive along. The freedom is bought with pennies - it runs on electrically charged batteries. There in lies the rub. I have known for a while that the batteries were dying. I made mental plans to bring the bike to the bike shop on Vancouver Island for some TLC. Mental plans. I enjoy my bike and didn't want to be without it. And so I hoped that the batteries would survive. Unfortunately, today when I turned the key 'A' battery had died. Key turns - light comes on - no indication of battery power. 'B' battery indicated that it was fully charged so I carried on upon my way. On the way back 'B' battery died. Visualize this blond chick pushing her bike over the hills and valleys that are Mayne Island roads. So what does this mean? Is my freedom over? Is the bike dead? Will I have to now ride a pedal bike ...please no. Rested assured, my friends, thankfully all of this can be easily - although expensively - fixed. I just have to phone the bike shop. Oh, ya, did I tell you about my phone? Well, it seems our phone has been replaced with a piece of plastic. The phone may ring - it may not. Someone maybe on the other end of the phone - although we may or may not be able to tell. Our voicemail may take messages - although we can't access them. The best we can hope for is a dialogue through crackles. So baring this in mind I have emailed the bike shop. Yes, thankfully, the computer situation. Although, it probably wise not to talk too loud. So that's my Thursday. Other than that the birds are singing, the sun is shining and I am living on paradise...what more can you ask for?


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