Sunday, July 01, 2007

My Canada Day in a nutshell

My Canada Day will be three days long this year.
On Saturday we kicked off the Farmer's Market year. Almost all booths had something red and white. I didn't realize this was a custom so I didn't bring the red and white. I shared my booth with two first generation Canadians and one of them brought the flag.
This morning I went here...
and had a few extra little responsibilities so me and my electric bike were late for...
On the way home I saw my first traffic jam...a scary sight on my tiny island. It soon worked it's self out.
So instead of adding my voice to the masses I came home and toiled on some good Canadian soil. The weed garden in my front yard is very well established now.
I logged on over at the Yarn Harlot. She has a very cool post. Join in the fun.
Even though currently it is cloudy on my tiny island. The day has been mostly sunny.
A beautiful day to be Canadian.
Tomorrow...ah...tomorrow has no end of possibilities.


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