Thursday, July 26, 2007


His long thin tanned fingers gently lovingly stroke her ghost white brow. She was a baby bird who had fallen from her nest. Powerless she awaits the cat, Cancer. It toys with her. Devouring her piece by piece.
He bends towards her. Their love had endeared a war, a mother-in-law, poverty, child birth, and retirement. It would endear...this.
He knew her. He saw through her new fragile disguise. In his eyes, this ghost was his blond haired blushing bride.
She sneered up at him. A sneer that was more in jest than in anger. By her very will, she retained her unique character. The cat may devour her but not her essence.
"May I kiss you?"
"If you dare." She teased.
He gently kissed her.
"Was it worth it?"
"Worth what?"
"Your life."
"Yes" He fought back the tears.

Written in loving memory of parents.
Copyright 07/26/07 L Dyck


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