Saturday, August 25, 2007

Clue by clue

Language: Icelandic rolled off my Grandparents tongues. The strange sounds curled around me gently rocking me with its unusual rhythms. Occasionally my Aunts and even sometimes my Mom would try but their tongues would falter. They would grope for words only to sadly lose their way. Lost they turned from the road back to English. Many attempts were made to teach me Icelandic. I have a clear memory of my Grandma's attempts which usually ended in giggles. Now when I hear the language it brings back sights, sounds, tastes - comforting, distant memories of my youth. My ears, heart, soul long to hear more. Thankfully Hubby's surfing uncovered an informative site:
Through this site I have learnt some key phrases. I am hoping that these words will help them recognize the part of me that belongs.


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