Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thursday, September 6th
We have finally arrived in beautiful Iceland.
There to meet us at the gate are our hosts. They have a room ready for us at a cozy guesthouse in the nation's capital. They suggest we only sleep two hours before we start our northern trek. So we follow their advise and are reward with a meal at the guesthouse. I had: juice, Special K with Skyr. "Skyr is yogurt" Hubby says. I silently disagree. Bellies full it is onward to Hofsos.
During our four hour trip our eyes soak in may delights: waterfalls, unusual land formations, sheep, horses, cows and even some trees.
I heard a joke before I left for Iceland:
"Hey, Leanne, what do you do when you are lost in Iceland?"
"Don't know? What?"
"Stand up."
Funny joke...? ...but not true.

We have arrived in beautiful Hofsos, Iceland.


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