Sunday, September 09, 2007

Iceland is fabulous. The people are so kind hearted. I am so glad that I came.
I wrote this little story about my experience here.

I set sail for a distant land determined to find buried treasure: my roots.
Upon arrival I immediately set to work with axe and shovel.
The frozen land broke my axe. The rocks bent my shovel.
I roared at the mountains. I thundered at the sea.
"The soil I walk is foreign soil. The sounds I hear are foreign sounds. The air I breathe is foreign air. This Ice-land is not a part of me."
I clawed, I kicked. I yelled. I screamed. Exhausted I fell to my knees.
A distant faint voice sang in foreign sounds from deep within the earth.
"I did not hear? What did you say?" I begged.
My breath stirred the soil. The soil revealed a glimpse of a treasure yet to be discovered.
"Do I belong? When, how can I see more of you?"
The voice sang my reply, "Mjog gott."
For, you see, she knew my search had begun.

I have been keeping a journal of my trip and will spill out the contents on this blog when I return. I have noticed that my web site appears to be down. I am attempting to find out why. Please be assured that all is well with Olavia's. In fact, I have just finished a new design.
Take care and thank you for reading.


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