Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A crazy woman with a pot

Let me tell you about my neighbour.

He may look cute ...but he's not.
Don't get me wrong. I respect him but... You see he's a Daddy and he takes his role seriously. He strolles across my property family in tow. They look so cute. My attempts to assure him I mean them no charm are always meant with growls. Fine, I understand, he is a wild animal. I have no problem with that.
However, being a wild animal he should know his bounderies. Last night he attempted to extend his bounderies to include inside my house. This I did not appreciate especially considering our strained relationship. So his attempt to crawl through the cat door was meet with protests not only from my cats but also from me. I ran outside tin pot and wooden spoon in hand. Each growl was meet with a bang on the pot. He finally relinguished control and escaped into the woods.
So, I apologize if you heard a string of loud bangs last night. Don't worry, it was just a conversation between neighbours.


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