Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Fire Ceremonies

Last night I lite my first fire. Please allow me to explain.
We have electric and wood heat. Thankfully we have southern exposure which, on a sunny day, helps to keep things warm. Time was I didn't mind keeping the house around 15 degrees Celsius. Now I find this a little chilly and perfer 20 degrees.
Last night it dipped below 15 degrees in the house. So I broke down and started a fire. What I do is lay a bed of paper. I then add kindling (twigs and small pieces of wood). As this burns I slowly add larger and larger pieces of wood. The fire needs to be quite warm in order for Arbutus wood to burn. However, burning Arbutus wood is the goal: as it is the warmest and burns the longest.
As I lay the bed of paper the ritual behind the whole thing struck me. Humans have been building fires for eons. I wondered how our ancestors celebrated new fires.
I found this:


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