Friday, October 12, 2007

Good-bye to Hofsos, Iceland

September 13th
The last night at Hofsos was beautiful. We had a delicious dinner shared with hosts who had become friends. Even mother nature seemed eager send us off in style. What a beautiful sunset!
The following day our hosts offered us a tour of the flag company. All Icelandic flags are manufactured in this small but well organized factory. The Icelandic flags may be seen in front of all government buildings. Icelander's national pride can be seen at funerals were the flag is draped on coffins. Triangle flags are hung in front of summer homes when the owners are in residence.
Read about the history of the Icelandic flag:
After the tour I ran around snapping shots of everyday items that seemed to me to be truly Icelandic.
Like this shower whose water temperature and water level is controlled with one twist - two twists.
What's up with this grate in the floor?

Okay, we know we weren't that tidy. We did tidy before we left. Not the point. The point is why is the shelf placed there. To a Canadian it is an invitation to whack your head.

I loved this stove/dishwater. Now that's ingenuity.

Read more about Hofsos

Then we packed our bags, the car and climbed abroad for our four hour ride to the nation's capital.


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