Friday, October 05, 2007

The Land of Fire and Ice

Tuesday, September 11th (continued)

Thank goodness I am doing so well food wise. It seems I have an Icelandic stomach. Icelanders love chocolate. ...and this is my manna too. One of my hosts introduced me to this chocolate bar. Notice it says: "gott...gott...gott" translation: "good...good...good" and they are right.

So when we stopped to fuel the car I stopped to find my fuel of chose - this chocolate bar.
Notice in the above photo - that innocent square box. Simply touch a few buttons and you have intense heat. Icelanders love heat. They keep their houses and cars so warm that I found myself shedding layer after layer. Finally I stopped at a T-shirt. This is not the only reason Iceland is known as "the land of fire and ice." There is, of course, the hot springs:

More about the nature baths:

The showers were a little much for this shy little Canadian but I braved the nakedness and was well rewarded.

Oh, the nature baths. When in Iceland do dip in a toe. I would still be in the bath if not for Hubby.
Next post: we continue our road trip and find some trolls.


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