Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Textile Museum

Wednesday, September 12th
On this our last full day in Northern Iceland, I was feeling a little down. I had had such a wonderful time. Frankly, I did not want it to end. ...but there are always endings.
Today our hosts took us to Blonduos. There we meet more relatives. Our relatives spoke very little to no English. We spoke very little to no Icelandic. ...but we all understood the language of food. They were generous hosts and feed us well. I had home-made Kleinur (Icelandic doughnuts) and Icelandic Pancakes served with your choice of jams. (on this site you will find Icelandic recipes. I was interested to learn, while in Iceland, that Vinarterta is an Icelandic-North American invention. )
I ate until I could eat no more. At the end, with my host's help, I was able to thank them for the delicious food - in Icelandic.
Before meeting with our relatives our host took us to the Textile Museum.

Here I am standing in front of the Textile Museum in Blonduos. It was a very interesting museum. More embrodiery than knitting but still well worth seeing. Please visit their informative site:


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