Monday, October 01, 2007

We need wheels

Monday, September 10th

Today we realized to successfully complete the next part of our travels we needed wheels. There is no car dealership in Hofsos so our host made a phone call. In order to rent a car we would have to travel to the neighbouring larger community. And being in the "city" we thought it would be an opportune moment to obtain some necessities. And so I bought...
The pretty pictures in the Knitting Magazine will feed my muse.
I can't wait to adorn my next sweater with the beautiful silver closures. I was surprised to see a healthy supply of knitting necessities in most stores. Even Hofsos keeps knitters well supplied.
Hubby bought: skyr (they even had a skyr drink), bread, fruit (they had grapes imported from British Columbia, Canada), coke (in a unique bottle - Hubby, the coke drinker, brought an empty bottle home), milk, kleinur (Icelandic donut - yum), and some spreads (they had these lovely spreads - fish, vegetable - that you spread on toast) and I grabbed some hardfish ( I love hardfish).
Our hosts feed us well. Each and every supper we eat with them. We had wonderful casseroles and a boiled dinner. A boiled dinner is boiled fish and potatoes. What you do is take some fish and potatoes on your plate and then add as much butter as you want. Then you stir it together. I couldn't eat enough.
One night they offered us rotten shark. A special treat. Hubby took one piece and was done. I enjoyed it and lost count after my tenth piece. The next day, however, my Canadian tummy protested this invasion.


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