Saturday, November 03, 2007

A saga old and new (part one)

Once upon a time in a saga old and new lived Olafur a shepherd.

All woman were entranced by Olafur. They marvelled at his gentle touch with the sheep. They longed to stroke his long golden hair. They thrilled at his deep bartone voice. They longed to be entangled with his muscular physic.

All woman longed for Olafur...all woman including Wind the Hildafolk. No human eyes had ever captured Wind. She adhered to the ancient Hildafolk packed. So silently, invisibly Wind accompanied Olafur as he strolled over the countryside minding his sheep. Wind and Olafur shared a deep passion for the land.

When Wind spoke Olafur's name - he heard a bird sing. When she gently touched his skin - he felt a rain drop. When she kissed him - he felt the breeze.

Passion grew in Wind like a rose bud reaching for the sun. Thoughts of Olafur were her constant companion. She longed for him to capture her in his sky blue eyes. She longed for him to lovingly touch her.

(c) ldyck 11/07


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