Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A saga old and new (part three)

The raven’s song had cut through Wind’s fantasy leaving her to face the cold light of reality – leaving her to answer a difficult question. How could she and Olafur share a life? This question plagued her in the daylight – in the moonlight she tossed and turned searching for an answer. No rest was granted her. Still she could not escape the truth. He would be little more than a prisoner in her world. She could not be seen in his. Her heart longed for him but her head knew they could never be together. Her only path was away from him.

Wind’s obsession with Olafur had forced her to abandon her training. The elders had much to teach – she had much to learn. She resumed her training. She sought truth to help her recover from her fantasies. She learnt the language of the tree. She learnt to heal with her mind. She developed her talents in dance and music. Her brain became strong – her senses acute. The Hildafolk library of knowledge was extensive. If she wished Wind’s training could last a lifetime. Surrounded by the support and encouragement of her sisterhood Wind knew that she was home.

(c) ldyck 11/07


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