Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A saga old and new (part two)

The next day as Wind accompanied Olafur on his walk a grey shower of fog began to encase the land. Wind’s longing bubbled up in her.

Her longing screamed at her, “What if the fog trapped him? What if he lost his way? Then I could not be blamed for helping him. I would not be blamed for revealing my presence.”

Wind heard it before she saw it – the force of wing through air. A large black spectre broke through the fog bringing light. The raven settled on a branch just above Wind’s head.

The raven sung, “Wishes can not make the autumn leave green. Dreams cannot melt the snow in winter. Things are what they are. Wishes, dreams, longings, cannot change them. He cannot see you. He cannot love you. There is one whose eyes will fill with you. There is one whose heart will beat with the love it showers on you. Believe in this, Wind. Believe.”

Truth spoken the raven flew away.

(c) ldyck 11/07


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