Sunday, December 16, 2007

A saga old and new (part four)

Knowledge and the thirst for knowledge made Wind's life rich. Yet a life needs more than study.

It was spring. The reawakening earth made hearts beat with passion. Wind longed to be known intimately by one. Her hungry eyes sought a solution.

Hildifolk men are handsome far more handsome than humans. Yet it was not appearance that captured Wind adoration. No, instead the attraction was intellectual. Wind listened with pleasure to River's erudite discourse. His wisdom charmed many females. Many women longed to spend time with River. They longed to have their grey cells tickled by his wit. Wind counted herself among them. Thus it filled Wind with great pleasure when River chose to spend time with her alone.

Talk was easy between them. They enjoyed probing questions and exploring solutions. They spoke of art, culture, politics, philosophy, and spirituality. Yet it soon occurred to Wind that River was not talking to her but rather instead through her to himself. It was soon made abundantly clear to Wind that River discounted her contribution to the discussion. River wished to share the benefit of his experience - his knowledge. Yet he was not at all interested in growing through the insights Wind shared. This arrogant attitude irritated - no angered Wind. She found herself attempting to tune him out. It seemed every word Wind uttered River pounced on and toyed with until the word lost all meaning and sounded absurd to her ears. Wind was forced to cut their discourse short.

Later when River attempted to engage Wind further she fought hard to find excuses to block this interaction. All of this made Wind feel even more alone - even more removed from what her heart hungered for.

(c) ldyck 12/07


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