Monday, January 14, 2008

A saga old and new (part five)

The elders held a meeting.
"The next item on the agenda is concern over a junior member."
"Wind" They chorused
"Yes, what are we to do with Wind."
"Yes, she must be helped."
"Yes, she is much, much too..."
"Morose." They chorused.
"She was rather disrespectful to the young cleric I sent to speak with her. She wouldn't even listen to him."
"Disrespectful!?" They chorused.
"Something must be done."
"Well, we"
Then the eldest of the elders spoke up. All were hopefully silent.
"Of whom were we speaking?"
"Wind." They chorused defeated.
"Quite. Who is she?"
Someone explained.
"Well, we could release her to the night. Allow the night creatures to talk wisdom." Offered the eldest of the elders.
"Yes, but there are things in the night...things of what we do not speak."One cautioned.
"Do we have another way?"
"Then we must release her to the night. Agreed."
"Agreed." They chorused.

(c) ldyck @ 1/08


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