Monday, April 28, 2008

A saga old and new (part six)

A chorus sung through the great halls, “The elders wish to meet with Wind.” From voice to voice, it carried until finally, the message found Wind’s ears. She met the news with surprise and delight for she knew that few novices are granted an audience in the elders’ chambers.

Wind quickly readied herself. She donned a flowing gossamer gown. She brushed and braided her golden tresses. Then she began her rapid march down the great hall to the elders’ chamber. Her footfalls drummed a steady beat.

Wind was announced and then she entered. The sights that meet her eyes dazzled her: it all seemed like a dream.

“Wind, my child,” An elder spoke, “You have been chosen among all others for an important task. The task will take great courage to complete. Are you prepared to accept?”

Without hesitation Wind spoke, “I am honoured to be summoned. I am prepared to accept any commission you assign, my elder. I am but your humble servant.”
Wind knelt head bowed ready to receive her order.

“Rise my child and receive what I shall now bestow.” The elder commanded handing Wind a rolled parchment. Wind rose and received the parchment. She was about to unroll the document when the elder added, “You must wait to read the parchment…until…until the moon is full. Now hurry, my child. You have no time to waste. You must leave tonight.”

Wind wrapped the elder in a warm embrace: which is the custom between elder and novice. Then Wind parchment in hand quickly vacated the chamber.

Once Wind was gone, one elder spoke in a whisper to the other, “That was easy,” she said.


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