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My new novel: Maynely a Mystery

To help with the publishing costs of my new novel, I welcome pre-orders
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Maynely A Mystery

Genre: Cozy mystery
Cozy mysteries de-emphasize sex, violence, and offensive language. The stories are rich with fascinating characters and charming settings.

Brief Synopsis: Olivia Weatherington was born in a nest of lies. The lies were spun to protect her. All she wants is the truth. Will she find it? What importance does Mayne Island play in this mystery?

Opening scene:
‘She stood in the pouring rain. He stopped and she climbed in.
When she opened the cab door, Hikaru Utada’s happy tunes spilled out of the car and tumbled onto Robson Street.
Robson Street was a shopping mecca. Sandwiched between Burrard and Jarvis, this section of Robson pulsed with the beat of capitalism. Sharing the street with avid shoppers were university students. For Robson Street was also the home of a University of British Columbia campus.
“Where to?” he asked.
“Point Grey,” she said pulling a book out of her leather backpack. It was a heavy, thick book and smelled of academia. If she was hoping to impress him by her destination she had failed. Point Grey may impress some but not Sam Berlin. He knew the neighbourhood well: expansive estates elbowing each other for space, for recognition, for importance: single-family castles on postal stamp-size properties.
Why was North America so obsessed with excess? Berlin wondered.
He knew his ilk – white, middle-aged, working class males – were supposed to strive for, be impressed with, acquisition, with wealth. Berlin wasn’t; what obsessed him was discovery but – not land, sea nor space. Nor, he was obsessed by the discovery of his inner self, his inner life. From boyhood on, he had had a recurring dream. He dreamed of Japan. As an adult, he had under-gone past life regression and it had confirmed that he had been a samurai. He filled his life with Japanese culture; he ate sushi, watched Anime, listened to Japanese musicians like Hikaru Utada and he studied Nihongo. It was a difficult language to learn. He sought out opportunities to practice.’

190 pages
$20. paperback (shipping charges will be added to the cost of the book)

$10. ebook

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Projected paperback publishing date: June 1st, 2009

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