Friday, January 15, 2010

Out of the ashes flies the Pheonix

I have a new love in my love. Well, actually, this love has been a presence in my life since I was tiny. My first encounter was in elementary school. At the time, it was just innocence fun. Or so I thought. I didn't think we were compatiable -- especially considering the fact that I am dyslexic. So I kept my affair light and fun. I wasn't committed. I was just in it for fun.
I presued a more stable relationship. Or at least I thought the relationship was more stable. However, this relationship proved to be very expensive. Too expensive. After seven years, of devotion I am losing interest.
I'm almost ready to kick my old love out the door. I'm ready to move on. I know we'll stay friends. I can't think of my life without sticks and stitch.
You may of guessed that I'm talking about knitting and writing.
My writing is adding so much joy to my life. I keep growing and keep having such wonderful adventures because of it.
So, now, I know I want to focus more on my writing and less on my knitting.
What will this mean? Will I stop designing knitwear?
I won't stop but I will definitely reduce the number of designs I work on. As I have been doing.
Will I write more?
Oh, yes, my friends, yes.
That's why I'm smiling.


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