Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm going to the games and I'm

wearing a brand new cardigan.
I'm going to the games because my brother-in-law T.D. Christopher will be performing. Please log on to his web site:
When you click on this link you'll be glad you did. You'll be so glad that you'll click on the link again and again. You'll be glad because you'll get to hear T.D. sing his original songs.
Why wait? Click on now. I'll be here when you come back.
You see what I mean.
Glad you came back.
Don't worry you can go back right after I'm finished and I'll be finished soon.
So, anyway, you get that I'm proud.
I was so proud that I had to celebrate. And so I celebrated in true knitter style by designing and knitting a new sweater.
Drum roll please...

I love this cardigan. It's a gentle blend of stockinette stitch with a seed stitch accent. Click on the photo to see what I mean.
The patch pockets are perfectly placed because the placement is knit right onto to the cardigan. It's extremely easy to knit the only decreasing is in the sleeves. The rest of the cardigan is a breeze. Knitting just the way I like it.
Hubby reaction, "I like it. It looks like a smoking jacket."

High praise from him -- believe me.
The only thing I'm not overjoyed with is the tie belt. It looks a little ragged. I used the double knit technique. I think I will knit the tie again. This time I'll make an I-cord belt -- maybe three I-cords together. One thin I-cord running around my waist wouldn't be a pretty picture.
IMHO, the thinner the belt the fatter you look.
A name, a name for my new creation. It must have a name.
A few ideas are whirling around in my mind. How about 'The Chilly Breeze' Cardigan or 'The Big Smoke' Cardigan or simply 'O a' Cardigan. Get it O for the games. Clever...maybe.
So please if you can visit T.D. at the games. He'll be appearing tomorrow. I'll be there and I'll be looking for you.
Knit on, my friends, knit on...


P.S. If you can't make it, I'll try to remember to take my camera. And I'll try to remember to take some pictures. Wish me luck with that.


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