Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm writing

As of late, I haven't been commenting on what I've been writing. At least I haven't been commenting on this blog. As this blog is attached to my knitting web site and most of my what I've been writing hasn't been knitting related. Noticed that I said -- most. Most doesn't mean all. It suggests that there could be an acception. And indeed there is an acception. I have just finished putting the finishing touches to a knitting related short story (just under 22, 000 words). I have passed the manuscript on to a friend to read. Then it will go to my marvelous proof reader. Then I will be hunting for an publishing house. As I proceed, I will send you brief updates. If I fail to do this feel free to shot me an angry email: (Only, please, not too angry)

And I apologize for my delay in sending you pictures of the art exhibit in the library. First, I forgot my camera. Then my shift at the library was rescheduled to a later date. And final excuse, it's about a hour walk to the library and I'm currently without wheels. Now, I do know that these are all lame excuses. And I do promise that I will post the photos shortly after I take them which I hope will be soon.
Hope it's sunny there it's sunny here


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