Thursday, March 04, 2010

changes to

Surf on over to You'll find it has changed -- the homepage and the link page. It has changed to reflected my new reality.
What I now what to do; what I now what to be.
I haven't removed the knitting patterns. There still all there. In fact, if you look on the "For Her" page you'll find a new one. Flowers for Mary has been added.
However, if you click on the link page you'll find that I've added some cool new blogs that you'll want to check out. And there all live links.
And there's even more... Do I sound like an commerical? Sorry but there is more. On the homepage I've added a new sample of my writing work -- a poem, Avalon. It's one of my favourites and judging from my Author Den site, those of who have visited me there, enjoy it too.
Hope you like the changes


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