Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth hour and other things

Last Saturday was earth hour. I celebrated for an extra hour. I started celebrating at 7 pm with a hour walk. Coming home, I turned off the lights and wrote by flashlight. As I sat at the dinning room table, official earth hour began, for me, with the feeling of lose. Dwelling in the dark has a great effect on this child of the light. It brought on a negative mood. Slowly I began to grow use to the night. I faced my demons and I found there not only negativity but also possibility. What can I lose? What can I gain? What can I make room for?

We think of the night as being the absence of light. However, as my eyes adjusted I found that there was light there.
Our modern world shuns the night. We fill each corner with light.
What are we afraid of?
Why must everything be so cut and dry? Why must we shun one and embrace the other. Isn't there room for both darkness and light in our lives?
May you dance under the moonlight
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