Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starting again

Last Monday, Hubby and I went off-island. Hubby had an appointment. So I tagged along.
Don't I sound like someones' kid sister. Well, I am someones' kid sister. But in this particular scenario, I wasn't playing that part. No, in this scenario I was a woman with a mission. My quest was to seek out and buy yarn.
"Why," you ask, "was this mission such a vital one?"
Well, dear reader, this was an important mission because completion of this sweater is the last piece in the puzzle that I must complete before sending off yet another publishing house submission.
"Leanne, tell us more," you may beg.
Unfortunately, dear reader, my hands are tied. I can't at this point reveal more. You see to say too much would ruin the surprise and jinx the project.
Please keep logging on to this blog and I will reveal more as soon as I can.
Until then, how about this...

Twelve inches of a sweater back.
Blue skies,

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