Monday, March 15, 2010

Tell Stephen King he's wasting his talent

Okay, let me start by saying that I respect that everyone has a right to their own opinion.
However, there is a certain attitude that I don't respect. It's the attitude that says in effect, "I know everything and what you do doesn't measure up to my standards."
I don't respect that attitude and I won't remain silent in the face of it.
In Stephen King's book On Writing, he says that he has encountered people who have passed judgement on his writing genre. They have passed judgement and have told him that he was wasting his talent. Ridiculous...right? Right!
Well, I have encountered people -- fellow writers -- who have passed judgement on my method of publication. They have passed judgement and have told me that because I'm a self-published author I am in fact not published. They have said, "You just wanted to say you were published and so you self-published." And they weren't done. Oh, no, they weren't. They went on to predict that I would never sell more than 100 copies.
To them I say, "Let the readers decide."
And, my friends, the readers have decided. MAYNELY A MYSTERY( is currently available in ten bookstores and I have sold -- nine months after publication -- 115 copies.
What's next? Unless you have an agent you're not an author. Unless your book has been translated you're not an author. Unless your book has become a movie you're not an author. When will this silliness end?
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