Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You know that episode on House

Did you catch House last night?
Wow, I found it rather enlightening.
The episode was about a blogger who comes down with some kind of awful disease. For me, however, her disease wasn't the most interesting aspect of that episode. The most interesting aspect was the script writers comments on blogging.
To me, what he was saying was that we -- bloggers -- are addicted to being heard. Gone are the days when we are simply able to enjoy our lives. Instead, 2010, we all hunger for fame. Our life doesn't count unless we share it in a blog. In this attempt to attract readers we lay it all bare. All of it. Nothing is private.
Surely, this isn't how I feel. Surely, I'm able to keep the private private.
I would hope.
And yet I was about to comment on an area of my life that I regard as profoundly private -- my own believes as a person of faith.
I had start writing the blog. Words were filling the screen. My fingers were flying from one letter to another. Until I stopped myself.
I do believe that there are somethings I can keep private. I do believe that not everything needs to be laid bare.
How do you feel? Are there places you won't go? Things you won't write about? Or do you view that attitude as being a chicken? Do you feel that there is much to be gained by shinning a light in the darkest corner?
Please share, I'm very interested in what you think.


Blogger Amber said...

I didn't watch House, Leanne, but I am interested in your topic anyway. I'm a firm believer that private is private! It's just a matter of finding out what that means to you as an individual. And it changes over time. They say three topics never to be discussed at the dinner table are sex, politics and religion. I would add money to that list. At one time I would have held to that code and never discussed any of those four subjects in public. I find that as time passes, I'm much more ready to talk about any and all of them. But my caution is this: do it when you are good and ready. There is no need to force yourself. The opportunity will present itself again, and the next time you might feel okay about sharing it. Don't rush yourself.
What do you think?

3:17 PM  
Blogger Maynely a Mystery said...

On the whole, I agree.
However, I also think there are times and places to talk about each. I'm very aware that my posts are one-way conversations. In them I put forth my personal believes. Generally I'm very comfortable in doing this. However, specifically -- say for example discussing faith -- I don't believe it is my place.
However, I have no problem discussing my faith in a two-way conversation. Times when other viewpoints can be heard.

8:23 AM  

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