Sunday, April 11, 2010

oknitting's knitting book exclusively available...

As you may know, I'm in the process of changing my career path. Since, August 2002 I have been actively, enjoyably engaged in my knitwear design career. However, following the success of my mystery novel -- MAYNELY A MYSTERY -- I have now decided to devote my life to writing.
This change means saying good-bye to seven years of knitting.
One of the ways I'm saying good-bye is by working on the ebook edition of my popular audio book NOVELTY YARN.
Another way is to delete my designer blogger -- Designer's Note. Before deleting it I'm re-posting some of my favourite entries. And speaking of that, its about time that I post another.
And yet another way to say good-bye is to figure out what to do with the remainder of my learn to knit pattern book YARN THERAPY.
I have received many positive comments regarding this book from many knitters.
Such as...
"The knitting basics tutorial include clear, step-by-step photos...I especially like Leanne's version of the mattress stitch seam, which is different than the version I use, and probably easier. The projects in this book are wonderful." Donna Druchunas (Ethnic Knitting Exploration)
If I was continuing on with my knitwear design career I wouldn't have a problem. I would merrily go right on selling this lovely book. However, I am saying good-bye. So what to do?
The learn to knit pattern book Yarn Therapy is now exclusively available from Miners Bay Books (
So why don't you wonder on over to Miners Bay Book. Please tell Jennifer I sent you.
Then when your home again, visit me:


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