Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Self-publishing: a different point of view

I found an interesting blog entry. Please read it and then come back here for my two cents, thank you...

To this I say...
So self-published books are the only ones with errors...really?
So the only reason why self-published authors self-publish is because no publisher will publish them...really?
Well, there are other reasons to self-publish. Here are mine...
I had a clear vision of my book -- the cover, the title, the content
I knew my target market and how to reach them
I wanted to educate myself regarding the publishing industry
Could I build a readership? I wanted to discover the answer to this question.
I wanted to take a risk on myself before I asked someone else to.

Oh, yes, Becky and Vanessa don't worry I have read the title of your blog entry. I have read it and will respect your wishes.
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