Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Too mysterious

Yesterday's post was just too mysterious.
I mentioned that I had done something wrong when I tried to send my submission.
Exactly what did I do?
Well, you see the sweater I just finished was knit for the manuscript I just submitted. So I tried to include a photo of the sweater in the manuscript. Well, the email system that the publishing house uses wasn't set up to accept jpgs.
Hubby says that the jpg was just too big.
However, I did try to send everything separately (query, synopsis, manuscript) and even then it couldn't get through.
You would think that if the problem was simply that the jpg made the email too big that the problem would be solved when I sent it separately. The fact that this didn't solve the problem makes me think that they just didn't want jpgs sent.
What do you think?
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